Committed to nurturing children's Creative, Cognitive, Emotive & Vocal Skills 

Does your child love singing or dancing? Well let's team up in nurturing their gifts! PRVM tutors are committed to introducing your child to the fundamental techniques that are necessary for them to grow vocally

Here's what they'll learn:

Getting Ready to Sing:

 Having the right mindset.  

Preparing the body.  

Warming up the voice.  

How the voice works:

The Muscles & organs involved in singing  

The Respiratory System and its role in singing 

Foundation techniques for singers:

Correct Breathing Technique

Proper diction & Pronunciation

Vocal registers & tone placement

Ready to kickstart your kid's awesome creativity?

Your child will be engaged in:

  • Visual & Auditory stimuli!
  • Creative expression through art!  

  • Question & answer sessions!
  • Stage expression and presence through Dance!
  • Practical singing sessions!
  • Goal setting and "celebrate your wins" segments!

Music makes children happier & smarter!

What are other parents saying?

Both my kids were vocal students of Ms. Shelly and Shereese. They both took great care in working with them. And it's been amazing to see their confidence and ability grow in such a short space of time. Thank you guys for doing such a wonderful job with my girls and look forward to the future with you guys!!!

-Sharliza Sankar.

Megan has always had a passion for singing! PRVM has assisted her to harness that passion and boost her self confidence through the various techniques and sessions. She dedicates this ever growing talent to serving the Lord.

-Terrance Bassant